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Product Range – Overview

Insulation Materials by AGK®

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up to 280°C

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up to 600°C



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up to 1500°C

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up to 1400°C

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Thermosetting plastic materials

Duroplastics excel in high dimensional stability. They maintain the predominant part of their technical characteristics until reaching their category temperature. Especially if compression strength counts, laminated papers and fabrics are employed. Also, electrically insulating parts for the low temperature range are provided from DuroBest®


Fibre-Cements and electric insulation

Fibre-cements, calcium silicates, aluminium silicates and mica resist category temperatures up to 1500°C and provide a competitive, far better workable option towards ceramics. AGK stocks the most various types and notably emphasizes pressure-resistant materials.

Sliding Materials

A lot of industry sections are dominated by motion. Chains, friction bearings and a lot of other components are on the move. If these parts are exposed to high temperatures, then GleitTherm® is the proper material for your application. Because even with temperatures up to 600°C, GleitTherm® maintains its excellent sliding characteristics.

Technical textiles

Our insulating materials become completed by technical textiles. With heat-protection-woven materials and there multifaceted production possibilities as insulating tapes, -sleeves, or ready-made textiles, very flexible insulating possibilities could be established. ThermTextil® includes heat-protection glas fiber textiles and silicate fiber textiles up to 1400°C.