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Which materials offers AGK®? - Our material groups:

In former times, Asbest was the leading insulation but now it is forbidden off impairment health. Today we can find a multitude of asbestos-free substitutes in place of this universal material. Based on this material diversity, our advisory service and support in construction design is very important for our customers. We are a manufacturer of components and component assemblies out off high performance materials for industry and engine building, especially handling of heat-resistant and compression-proof materials as:

K-Therm® type AS, AS M and CS

Isolierwerkstoffe bis 1500°CInsulating materials asbestos-free with high mechanical strength up to 1500°C, based on fiber cement, mica, calcium silicate or ceramic
for example

K-Therm® AS 500, AS 700, AS 710, AS 600M, AS 800M,
K-Therm® CS 950, CS 1000, CS 1100, CS 1150, CS 1500


Gleitwerkstoffe bis 600°CAsbestos-free sliding materials up to 600°C based on phenolic resin, PTFE, graphite, carbon
for example

GleitTherm® GE 100, GE 150, G 450, G 600, EG 611


Konstruktionswerkstoffe, elektrisch isolierend bis 280°CElectrical insulating construction materials up to 260°C, with high mechanical strength values at once based on 
laminated paper, fabric-base laminate, laminated wood, glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) - composite material.
DuroBest® 110, DuroBest® 120, DuroBest® 155, DuroBest® 180, DuroBest® 230, DuroBest® 250, DuroBest® 260


technische Textilien bis 1300°C zur thermischen IsolationThermal textile as a flexible solution for insulating up to 1300°C, fire protection textiles, strings, tapes and ropes based on:
glass fiber, HT - glass fiber, silicate fiber, mica paper, stainless steel webbings / fleece.


High temperature resistant glue based on epoxy resin up to 180°C two-component adhesive as well as

high temperature resistant glue based on ceramic up to 1100°C

DuroBest® A/B glue and K-Therm® glue 1000


Thermoplastics K-Therm® KU

Thermoplastics with high abrasion resistance and low slide friction based on:
PE, PA, PP, PTFE, Polyimid, PEEK (Polyetheretherketon), metal - plastic combination.

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